My name is Valerie Loren Wildes, and I am the creator and curator of Mint + Varnish. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where I spent most of my childhood playing in the woods and running through fields. At an early age I discovered my love and gift for creativity and began to long for a career in fashion.

While working as a designer in New York City, I acquired an obsession with styling my apartment- a quiet space with a girly spirit- utilizing an eclectic mix of personal drawings and photographs, and mostly clean neutral colors, with a bit of jewel tones splashed on textiles. Essentially, it became a place that perfectly captured my experiences, and communicated what I love.

In the Fall of 2011, I moved to Los Angeles where I’ve since met my husband, and my two cats- Rufus and Zooey. The beach-town loft where we reside serves as not only a home- but a workspace. This city and my new dreamy home are always pushing me to research and create for my blog.


Tucked away near the California coast, the Mint + Varnish studio offers fresh inspiration on home d├ęcor, color palettes, gifts, and a bit of fashion.

I started this blog in the Fall of 2013 as a personal creative outlet; and with the hope of introducing beautiful home products, color combinations, and unique home goods shops that will leave you inspired to start building and creating your own one-of-a-kind home.

I believe you can create a nest anywhere - whether road tripping, camping, sitting in a park- no matter. You can bring pieces of your home and style along wherever you go. Your home should fit your lifestyle both comfortably and functionally, but it’s also important that it makes your heart sing! Mint + Varnish is a place for you to discover your favorite pieces, and know that it is possible to surround yourself, and your home’s visitors, with beauty and interest each and every day. 


Thank you for stopping by Mint + Varnish and be sure to check back regularly! I love to hear from all of you; inquiries and comments on posts are very much appreciated but please keep them respectful. 


Want to work together? I’m always looking for new content, so if you feel your shop or product fits my aesthetic, then I would love to collaborate. Please email me at mintandvarnish AT gmail DOT com


If you would like to use any of my original content then please make sure to properly source Mint + Varnish (please include link).


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