A few weeks ago I helped style a dinner event for an art company called Art Unified in Venice Beach. It was a really sweet way to begin saying my goodbyes to precious summertime in LA. I kept the tablescape really simple by using palms for placemats, and added pink orchids here and there for a bright pop (with the help of my mom who was visiting). Our chef Christian Navarro prepared five light, colorful courses which we slowly ate with our perfectly paired cocktails. It felt refreshing to feel continuously surprised by all sorts of new flavors and textures. It was also nice to be seated near such a unique mix of professionals and personalities, all making the conversation feel alive and inspirational. One being my mama! Everything about it was well thought out and designed yet simple. It left me feeling really excited and inspired to finally sort out our outdoor patio so that we can entertain and be hospitable toward the people we know and love here in Los Angeles. 

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