It feels amazing to finally be settled in our new home. We're still styling a few things here and there, and the search goes on for patio furniture but otherwise our new place is pretty much complete. Having come from a large studio, it's funny how separate rooms and multiple doorways are new for us but we are really liking the difference it makes. Due to the layout of our new space we sold some of our larger furniture, but we were able to keep some of our favorite and most useful pieces like the media console and large shelving unit that stores items between the living room and kitchen. 

I wanted to keep our new space very minimal in color, and feeling light and breezy throughout. It felt great to throw and give away a ton during the move so when organizing and setting up the new place I wanted it to feel very simple and clutter free. 

Needless to say we are excited to build a new rhythm and create more memories here in our third year of marriage––I'll be sure to share more bits and pieces of our new space in the coming months ahead. 

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Anonymous said...

Love your new place! It's so light and airy:) are each of your pets adapting? :)

Amy in MN