We are in the final days of packing up our loft, and are about ready to move into our new home. I feel giddy thinking about having a fresh canvas to work with, as well as the lounging that will take place in our private outdoor space over the summer months. 

In the midst of the moving mayhem, Andy and I took a step back and drove out of the city and into the beautiful Angeles National Forest. We hiked, lounged, talked, read, and slept in the mountains with our dog Chloe. It was a super refreshing time for us to be still in nature and away from the exhaustion of work and moving.

What I look forward to the most when camping is our time together in the early morning. Waking up at a quarter-to-six isn't something I naturally do each day, but I guess the bright sunrise always motivates my start. This time around we began with a fire, french pressed coffee, and good books––seriously, so peaceful! Later we went for a couple of walks and took the car to explore some other campgrounds. 

I packed a few Fly Joy bars for snacks which served as perfect boosts of energy between meals. We tried the Cashew Cookie Dough flavor and I think it's become my favorite so far. Fly Joy bars are a balance of protein, fiber, carbs, and omega-3 fatty acids––Made with quinoa, chia, and flax, it's a really clean healthy snack that you don't have to feel guilty about.

   I can't tell you how good it felt to be in the quiet woods, breathe in cold morning air, and be totally surrounded by nature. There was something really rewarding about driving down the windy mountain road and into Los Angeles late Sunday morning with the breeze coming in through the windows, feeling tired and dirty. I hope to head back into the woods with my little family sometime soon.

This post is in partnership with Fly Joy, a brand I support and love. 


claire said...

Looks beautiful!

Tajmir said...

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