Like everyone else, Andy and I have a lot of short term and long term goals we are working toward. We have ambitions for our careers, hope to start a family one day soon, travel more, and even buy our first home. Living in an expensive city like LA though, it can be hard to always feel like we're moving in forward. And no matter where you live, there will always be those unexpected set backs. 

So in order to achieve our future goals we've made the decision to try and move sometime in the very near future. We aren't exactly sure when this will be, as we are currently renting month to month. At first I felt really sad about this because I love our little loft and the neighborhood it's set in. We've gotten to know some of our sweet neighbors, and have a lot of great memories in our place. It's also especially sad because it's the first home Andrew and I have ever lived in together. But, I am really excited about making some new neighborhood discoveries and having a whole new place to design for my little family. Some things we are looking for in a new place is loads of sunlight, a little yard for our dog Chloe, and well, cheaper rent. With all of this being said, we are looking to sell a few of our furniture items including our bed. People have messaged me about our bed in the past, so I figured I would let everyone know it's officially for sale. If you're interested, please feel free to email me for details! 

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