I'm realizing more and more just how important of an investment it is to use all real ingredients in the things that we eat. I've tried to be intentional about eating healthy for years now, but it wasn't until I learned just how many chemicals and how much sugar is added to most packaged foods that I became very curious about how I could improve upon my eating habits.  

If you, too, have been curious as to how to make the same improvements, below are some really beautiful food series which have helped to inspire me. With each episode I feel like I'm being taken away on a mini adventure. I've not only learned a ton about the authentic process of cooking; but I was exposed to so many interesting and beautiful ethnic food traditions, as well as the classic ways of preparing and serving food. 

The Chef's Table: This is an incredibly beautiful documentary food series based on six different chefs around the world. Each of the six episodes focuses on a single chef's personal story talking about what experiences profoundly shaped them in their childhood; why they felt called to discover the art of preparing and cooking food; and they even discuss their vulnerabilities and weaknesses and how those things have brought them to where they are today. Each story is very moving, visually gorgeous and has inspired me to be more cognisant of how I treat my body when it comes to food and drink.

• Cooked: Journalist Michael Pollan discusses the reality of how most modern people have lost touch with the truth about how food actually gets to our plates due to corporations and busy lifestyle practices. There are four subjects in this series based on the elements––fire, water, air, and earth. Each episode digs deep into how everyday basic food is traditionally prepared and the rich cultural traditions behind them. The show really transformed the way I look at food, and opened my eyes to the power and beauty of cooking from scratch.

• The Mind of a Chef: This series describes food by combining travel, history, cooking, and science. You get to explore so many different hole-in-the-wall restaurants from around the world, and learn about the stories and traditions of how a lot of popular cuisines were born. 

For Grace: Chef Curtis Duffy opens up about how creating his restaurant Grace has changed his life and the lives of everyone around him. He explains how the food he creates is a part of his personality, and that only the best of the best ingredients are worth using. 

And speaking of ingredients, a snack I can trust after being inspired by all of these shows is Fly Joy. Every ingredient in their bars is gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO and vegan, so really anyone can enjoy them. I bring them along on hikes or cut them up for a spring salad from time to time like the one below.

 I intend to continue implementing what I learn into my everyday eating habits, and it's nice to know that Fly Joy is a trustworthy brand that I can continue to use. And what's even better is that Fly Joy donates 10% of the profit of every single bar to a non-profit, Hope International. To learn more about why I love Fly Joy, visit here.   

This post is sponsored by Fly Joy, a brand I love. 

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