The past couple of weeks have kicked my butt and because of it I haven't been balancing my time well or posting as regularly. I've decided to devote much more attention to Mint + Varnish moving forward, and have a lot of great things in store for the site. I'm in the beginning stages of gathering thoughts for a fresh new website design and brainstorming some continuous post ideas like Weekly Inspiration. This will be a new series on Mint + Varnish and it's pretty straight forward––whatever brand or image I find inspiring for the week, I'll share. Because when you discover something and are moved by it, don't you just want to tug on someones arm and show them? So I hope that whatever inspires me will also inspire you. 

For the first Weekly Inspiration, I'm going back to M+V's roots which is home goods. Mint + Varnish has recently evolved into a lifestyle site, but for those of you who've been with me long enough, you probably remember it as being solely a home goods inspiration blog. I just recently discovered The Everyday Napkin on Pinterest and learned they sell cloth napkins and towels hand cut in Massachusetts. You can shop their napkin bar (How cute is that?) for beautifully curated linens that will make all of our kitchens a lot more worthy for spring and act as the perfect addition to an outdoor dinner gatheringIt's the little things in life, right? And hey! They're not only a whole lot prettier than paper napkins but healthier for the environment too.

all photos by The Everyday Napkin

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