It's been awhile since I've last recommended some really good beauty and skincare products. Most of these were gifted to me over the holidays, so I didn't know what to expect when first trying them out. Since then I've been using all of these guys weekly, if not daily and they've helped transform my morning and night-time rituals into even more of an ease.

 • Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3. My new hairdresser actually gifted this to me on my way out of the salon partly because she's really nice, but also because I'm pretty sure she knew my hair desperately needed some serious strengthening. I've been using a generous amount of the clean, freshly scented cream once a week after I towel dry for much healthier, softer, shinier locks.
• I never leave my house without 50 SPF on and I've grown to love this mineral based brand Babyganics. I read a long time ago that you should only use baby sunscreens because they're made with fewer chemicals––I've haven't looked back since! I know most women combine their lotion or foundation with an SPF, but I never felt like those were strong enough to keep the sun at a far enough distance. I apply Babyganics all over my skin during the summer but this time of year at the very least, all over my face, neck, and hands. 

My mom knows everything when it comes to the best of the best anti-aging products. She's been testing and comparing face and neck creams for a long time now and I really trust her opinion––and if you knew what my mom looked like at her age you would too! So when I told my mom I'd like a good anti-aging cream for Christmas, I received this intensive RetrinAL Intensive Cream by Avene. Every evening I evenly apply a small amount of the cream before going to bed. I like that it's completely fragrance free and working for my skin as I sleep.

I was gifted with this Hydra Fluid Water Serum Foundation by PUR Minerals to test, and I'm sold. I'm super picky about what foundation I use mostly because my skin is super sensitive and also because I hate when foundations show, even the slightest bit. I've been using this foundation in fair as more of a spot treatment; it feels very smooth while blending easily

• Another Christmas gift from my momma––Telescopic Original Mascara by L'OREAL. I love to test different mascaras because I'm always looking for each to out-wow the last, but I'll definitely be purchasing this one over and over. The color is a pretty pitch black and it's brush combs out my lashes, leaving them looking really long and full. And plus, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.    

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