With last weekend being a long one, Andy and I had every intention to start some early spring cleaning, go for a long hike, eat healthy, and catch a movie. We couldn't manage enough motivation for the cleaning and organizing part, but for a fun date night we did see The Reverent (the imagery was amazing), eat at least one salad each, and take lots of long, refreshing walks

One of those walks was in Venice Beach. My brother-in-law Johan Andersson is a painter in the neighborhood, and sometimes when passing by his sunny work space we stop in to check out and chat him up about his latest project. While there we saw the beginnings of In the Name of God, which depicts the hypocrisy behind ending lives over religion. Although a lot of Johan's work can be viewed as a bit controversial, I believe in what he's doing with his gift of sending emotional messages and starting important conversations through his art.

The visit went longer than expected so it's a good thing I've learned that whenever venturing out over the weekend to incorporate some sort of snack to curve our appetites––ultimately putting a stop to the temptation of eating out. I've recently discovered Fly Joy which are nutritious snack bars designed with a balanced mix of protein, fiber, carbs, and omega 3 fatty acids. We all tried a couple of different flavors at Johan's studio, and we were really impressed by not only how yummy they tasted but how filled we were afterwards. In my opinion, their blueberry bar is the best. And what's even better is that Fly Joy donates 10% of the profit of every single bar to a non-profit, HOPE International

If any of you would like to try Fly Joy bars, use the code ART25 when you checkout for 25% off your order! And if any of you are around for the LA Art Show the last weekend in January, be sure to check out some of Johan's work in the Art Unified booth!  

This post is in partnership with Fly Joy, a brand I support and love.  

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Oak & Oats said...

Okay this is SO fun! I just love these photos and this art exhibit!!