Andy and I recently got back from our two week trip visiting both of our families on the other side of the country, and we really had a great time. We started out landing in Philadelphia and then driving two hours north into my hometown. After nine days there, we drove eight hours west to Columbus, Ohio. We've never been able to do a long winter vacation together before and it's definitely something we want to commit to going forward. It really helped to make this Christmas possibly my favorite Christmas thus far.

There was lots of rest and reading; time with family and old friends; long cold walks, and a full day in my favorite city, New York. A little late, but here are some photos from the trip!

Driving into my hometown from the Philadelphia airport.

• Pretty piles of firewood. Even though we had a warmer visit than usual this time of year, my dad still started a few fires to enjoy while opening presents and watching Christmas movies. 

• Reading through Darling, Issue 13 

• My old street in New York, the corner of 21st and 7th. After I took this picture my family had coffee in the shop to the left of me and then took the subway to Midtown to see the Rockettes, where I ended up running into my old New York roommate! After the show Andy and I hopped back onto the subway to Bleecker Street for a little shopping, walked around the village where we admired lit up brownstones, and then met up with family in Meat Packing district for dinner at The Old Homestead Steakhouse. The day was cold and rainy, but to me, the best day of our trip. 

• Cold creek water that flows throughout my childhood neighborhood. I used to play in this water year-round growing up, and love going back to it each time I visit.  On one of our walks Andy, my mom, and I found a hanging vine still attached to a big tree and we took turns using it to swing across the creek.

• Just a few of the amazing Christmas gifts we received. Kinfolk's article on artist Michele Oka Doner was really enlightening. When talking about her work process she states "Community is beyond important; it is necessary for survival. To think you're independent is a fallacy to me. We evolved to be dependent on each other and that's still true––that's what makes us human." Something to reflect on while working in such an individualistic society like ours. 

I know we are already in the second week of January, but anyone else still dealing with post-Christmas blues? 

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