Even though I'm excited to be on the East Coast for the holiday, I certainly don't enjoy the length of time it takes to get there. We have a total of three plane rides and an eight hour car excursion to get through by the end of this Christmas season, and that means a lot of sitting and doing nothing. To minimize the travel boredom, I made a list of podcasts I'd like to catch-up on or just start altogether. 

The Memory Palace: I can't get enough of this podcast! The Memory Palace shares incredible bits and pieces of history in as short as 2-6 minutes, although most episodes go longer. It's creator Nate DiMeo has a very charismatic style of storytelling, completely transporting me to the place and time he's describing. 

Serial: Season 2: So probably like the rest of you, I was completely overtaken by Season 1 of Serial. Even though the episodes were a bit over-whelming and at times really dark––in the end, I still felt I needed more. Well, Season 2 is finally here and I'm excited to get it started. And I think it's safe to say, I should listen to the episodes weekly as they're released, and not go on a crazy, semi-unhealthy binge like I did the first go-around! 

The Longest Shortest Time: So I'm not a momma yet, but I've been getting some descriptive insight on this podcast relating to pregnancy and parenthood. At the end of every episode I feel more and more excited, and also terrified of ever possibly being responsible for a baby. Maybe that's a good thing?

The Dinner Party Download: I haven't listed to this podcast yet but it's been recommended to me a number of times, so I thought I'd pass it along. It's described as the arts and leisure section of public radio with a mix of history, humor, recipes, and artist interviews.

How to Start a Start-up: Another I haven't started yet, but how can you go wrong with this title? I'm a total entrepreneur at heart and will listen to any sort of business advice. 

If the list above are old news to you and you're looking for more––check out my other go-to podcastsAnd of course, I'm always looking for a longer list so please feel free to comment on your favorites!


Jasmin Charlotte said...

Im such a podcast addict! I'm excited for Serial coming back as well, I hope this season is just as good! If you like crime bits then Thinking Sideways is really good, along with Sword and Scale. I also really like Answer Me This if you enjoy some British humour! x

Jasmin Charlotte

Stephanie said...

Love! Can't wait to check out a few of these.

Here's a few recs:
-Gilmore Guys: Because who doesn't love obsessing over every detail of Gilmore Girls with two very funny guys?

-The Great Debates: Two guys (and awesome guests) pick apart and debate very important and entertaining topics such as, "The Gin Blossoms are in the top 1% of artists of all time," "Rainbows aren't that great," "Grown men shouldn't use emojis," etc.

-#girlboss radio: Sophia has great guests and fun discussions all in the name of being your best.