I realize I'm so blessed to live in a vibrant city like Los Angeles with the ocean close-by and constant warm weather. BUT I'm a dreamer, and sometimes I imagine us moving back to the East Coast where I'm from to raise our future family. For now, our jobs hold us in California but there's a chance that won't always be the case.  

If I could choose to live anywhere on the East Coast it would be in downtown New York City. I lived in Chelsea for two years and it was such an amazing time in my life. And if I ever felt in need of cleaner air or extra family time, taking a two hour bus ride back to my hometown was always an option. A part of me feels like I didn't get to spend enough time living in New York, and that it would be really great to go back and experience it in a completely different way. Andy, are you reading this?

I've been watching Selling New York––the show that's inspired my recent nostalgia. Seeing the open lofts in Tribeca and Soho have been the best part. A whole lot would have to change in order for us to be able to afford a three bedroom loft in downtown New York (ha!) but it's still fun to think about; and of course, I had to create a collage of inspirational images. I grabbed these images with New York in mind, but they're inspiring regardless of where life may take us.

Here are some of my favorite things I remember loving to do on the westside of New York:

Reading and picnicking at the High Line

Walking Bleaker Street over and over and over

• Grocery shopping at the Chelsea Market

• Taking long runs and walks along the Hudson river  

Sipping on coffee from Billy's Bakery and walking the Meat Packing District

• Stumbling upon new art installations and exhibits in Chelsea

Visiting The Standard's Biergarten for a soft pretzel and beer  
all photos by Mother Mag

PS: My family will be visiting New York in late December to celebrate Christmas. I'm so excited to see the tree, lights, The Rockettes; and to go ice-skating, and eat at my dad's favorite steak house. I'll be sure to do a post on the trip!

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