sunday farmer's market

Visiting the farmer's market has become a late morning Sunday ritual for Andy and me. We've been making it priority to buy almost all of our food there, which no longer feels like a chore––and any less time I can get at the grocery store is a major plus. Our routine is to first grab a hot coffee, and quickly admire the cute baby farm animals; then we start our shopping toward the end of the market and slowly making our way back to the front. 

Doing our shopping at the market has helped to inspire a healthier diet of organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy; and it has pushed us to learn more about where our food comes from and the thought and preparation behind it. 

After a few weeks of juggling all our produce with our hands, I realized I needed to find a nicely designed, durable bag of some sort to hold our purchases. I chose this really pretty Mercado Tote from Citizenry. I grab it for the market on Sundays but it also works great as a throw basket and beach bag. 

Citizenry partners with master artisans from around the world, blending modern taste with time-tested techniques. Their handcrafted home selection is so beautifully unique and I appreciate that every product has its own story and soul. And it's not just their overall style that holds my attention, but their willingness to pay their craftsmen fairly––which is sadly a rare find within a lot of retail companies these days.

Also, I'm considering supplementing two meals a day with homemade fresh vegetable and fruit juices for the month of November. Have any of you done a juice fast of any kind? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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