desert camping in joshua tree

The city has been kind of getting to Andy and I lately so over the weekend we drove to Joshua Tree for a night of desert camping. I always felt the need to move at a slower pace when considering getaway options, but camping never used to come to mind. It's just not something I grew up doing with my family and honestly, I never understood why people enjoyed it.

While I was getting to know Andy, he talked a lot about childhood camping trips and his independent mountain climbing days where he slept without a tent in the middle of the woods. To me it sounded like more of a horror movie than a retreat. But thankfully there are many versions of camping and I'm able to enjoy it in my own way. 

I love camping in the desert because the land is so open and there's still plenty of hikes and mountain views. There's also a ton of naturally gorgeous color combinations. We ate simple meals over the fire, and with the fall temperatures being absolutely perfect, we were never really too hot or cold. 

Late at night we fell asleep under the stars with our new dog Chloe, and the three of us woke up to one of the prettiest sunrises I've ever seen––I mean, it was unreal. The colors in the sky must be emphasized by the contrast in the desert sand. The whole trip lasted less than forty-eight hours but did us some good for the days to come. And that's the best thing about LA––close proximity to a variety of beautiful places where one can find rest.


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