being silent

Something I really struggle with is taking time out for complete silence. I don't mean being verbally quiet but rather finding rest for your mind. Completely stripping myself from other people, social media, computers, and work can be hard to do but is actually refreshing, and even healing at times. This idea isn't anything new but it is still very much against the grain of our culture, and it's very difficult to commit to doing it; but I think incorporating it into our busy schedules is probably one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. In fact, most of the meaningful realizations I've had or big decisions I've made for myself have come after having been intentional about getting away from life's distractions. Doing this has encouraged me when I've felt low or stressed, and has cleared my mind and filled it with inspiring ideas and meaningful words.  

Here are some ideas on how to spend time alone:

• Taking long night walks or hikes.
• Having early morning coffee without even the smallest distractions. 
• Sitting in nature, like at the beach or in an open field.
• Watching the sunset or sunrise.
• Going to a museum.

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