at home with lexmod

Our living room and office space have both been in transition for some time now, with new items coming in and the old moving out. The right lighting is a super important piece of the puzzle for both function and aesthetic purposes. It was important to me that the lamp design we chose was ambitious enough to transition from the couch over to the desk area, since they share the same tight space. LexMod has a nice collection of floor lamps––this being one of my favorites. It's large; but because of it's height and thin arch, it doesn't take up too much floor space and doesn't feel overbearing.

I don't like the lighting to be too harsh, but it also needs to be bright enough to serve a purpose. This lamp's output is just right. And I love, love, love the marble base which  really distinguishes this lamp from most designs. At some point, I may re-paint the chrome parts to a warm copper for a richer contrast against the white marble. There's nothing wrong with buying something knowing you can easily change the design down the road for a completely new look. 

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