writing with rifle paper co.

The early days of fall hold a lot of east coast nostalgia for me. I miss the scent and the feel of crisp morning air; the sight of falling leaves; and the need for cozy fishermen sweaters and hot apple cider while taking long walks in the cold. With the season's change, I'm also reminded of stationary. 

School may be officially out for me, but it doesn't mean I can't get giddy over beautiful notebooks and pencils. Especially as an adult, getting back to paper and disconnecting from the online world is just good for the soul. For me, writing by hand has always opened a much more intimate and clearer perspective with my feelings than when typing at full speed.

I'm in the process of being more intentional in my long distance relationships and I found sending unexpected cards and letters is a great way to remind someone of their value. I cannot express how good it feels to send and receive words of encouragement or reminders of love. I've kept a pile of hand written words over the years to look back on every once in a while––birthday cards, notes, and especially the letters Andy wrote me while we dated long distance for a summer. I've even torn off a piece of an envelope where my dad once scribbled "I love you, Valerie." 

So if you're looking for new stationary for fall or just in the mood to send someone a card, visit Rifle Paper Co. They are easily one of my favorite paper shops filled with the most gorgeous illustrations and typography. The prints I picked below are also great for framing––with or without a note written inside.

all photos by Andy Peters

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