with every season comes a new adventure

It can be hard to notice when a new season starts taking it's shape in Los Angeles. It's probably because I'm a native east coaster but months on the west coast seem to blend very easily making time feel like life's going by even faster. I can't believe fall is right around the corner. But as I've shared a little bit before (here and here), I've recently transitioned into a different kind of season in my personal life; and with major lifestyle change comes a load of mini adjustments. Below is my list of goals that I'd like to adventure with this new season––both literally and figuratively.

Photo by Andy Peters

• Eat cleaner. I'd like to go sugar free and this is what inspired me. 
• Form a much more intentional day/night skincare routine.    
• Set time aside for a major deep clean in the loft every Friday, afternoon.  
• Organize every single drawer and cabinet in our home––good old spring fall cleaning.
• Drink more water throughout the day––4 liters to be exact.
• Buy a new pair of boots. I'm thinking these.  
• Read the New York Times every morning with coffee in bed.
• Spend some time each day being silent and investing in prayer, writing, and good books. 
• Try not to buy anything plastic––no joke, I want it out of my life! Here's why. 
• Get back into a regular running schedule––four times a week in the early morning sounds nice.  
• Since I literally have the achiever personality type––Learn to have grace for myself on days that escape my to-do lists.
• Slowly start gathering ideas for a two week cross-country road trip for 2016!
• Finally decide what to do with my hair––Grow it out? Cut it short? Bangs? 
• Go to the movies! Andy and I haven't gone together in months, and it's one of our favorite things to do. 
My hope is to get this list into full swing before the new year begins. Are you starting or coming out of a new season in your life? Do you have any advice related to the changes I'd like to make? 


stephanie said...

Join a run club or grab a partner to help kick-start morning motivation! I seriously want to discuss every single point on here with you though!

Amandinette said...

I like 1 (so much sugar in our everyday food in the States), 7, 8, 9, 12 & 14. I think your hair looks beautiful as is!

Natalie said...

Everything on this list speaks to me!! I will be joining you on this :-)