malibu mountains

The first time I ever visited Southern California I remember declaring Malibu to be the most beautiful and peaceful place I had ever experienced. I was nineteen, and driving along the Pacific Coast Highway with all of the windows down felt like a slice of heaven. At the time, I had no idea I'd be moving to Los Angeles five years later, and be able to visit the same beauty over and over. 

This past Labor Day weekend Andy and I planned on waking up super early for a long drive up the coast past Malibu to Los Olivos. We traveled there for my birthday earlier this year and stayed in the most adorable wine country cottage––you can see that here. Well, logistics got in the way of our destination, so we decided to fill our cars with friends, food, and wine, for a day in Malibu. We started out with a three hour hike. About half way up, I stopped to take the pictures you see below––seriously, such a breathtaking view. I felt so safe and serene looking out at the water from such a high point. The ocean's colors were a mix of deep blue, purple, and green and the water blended so perfectly with the sky, making it difficult to locate the horizon line. Later, we stopped at Zuma Beach for a picnic and light swimming.

Our trip couldn't have been more refreshing and can't wait to go back for more hiking tomorrow morning. 

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