fall bedroom makeover with urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of those lifestyle brands that holds a special place in my heart. They're headquartered in Philadelphia, a city that I've loved since my childhood––and where I went to college. I also used to work as an intern for the company before I graduated from my University's design program.  

Aside from all of that, their apartment section is filled with some really beautiful home goods. In the beginning of every season, I check out their updated lookbooks to see what's new, as well as for some quick styling inspiration. And since we're entering a new season, I've partnered up with Urban Outfitters for a Fall bedroom makeover in the loft. 

My previous bedroom look which you can see here was far too white for fall, so I picked out some items with a warmer palette for a soft, Moroccan feel. New bedding was a must; and since I'm a sucker for anything linen, I went for this lightweight and fluffy Linen Duvet Cover, in Neutral. For added comfort and texture, I picked this Woven Sham Set Canvas Bolster Pillow and two Polona High Pile Pillows. To bring a tad bit of extra life into the room, I adopted Samson––my new baby plant, which hangs on my neutral colored floating shelf. The hanging fixture was such a simple addition, and still made a huge impact. You can see a similar version available here. And for a perfect little statement piece, I added this Pyramid Mirror Box for the bedside, which acts as a safe place to store my rings or any other small jewelry. 

It may seem slight, but waking up to my new room feels like a massive change. And sometimes change is the healthiest thing for you––even if it's as simple as your duvet.   

all photos by Andy Peters

What are your favorite Urban pieces for the home?

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Jessica Steele said...

So relaxing looking Val! And I'm obsessed with those pillows.