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Not too long ago I mentioned I wanted to start a healthier, more intentional morning and evening skincare routine. I'm finally committed to taking care of my skin as best I can, and to start erasing the negligence I took part in during my teens and young twenties. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now, but for whatever reason I've felt a little intimidated by the variety of the skincare products available. I've been doing a lot of research and will be sharing my skincare and beauty discoveries with you here on the blog. 

Something I never fully protected myself from is the sun. I'm starting to pay for it now with little sun spots here and there. In order to reverse that damage, I've been using this three step antioxidant repair collection by Coola. Beauty Bridge introduced me to this three part system which uses natural and organic farming ingredients to refresh and repair what the sun and environment does to the skin over the years. That's something I can stand behind. Because how are we ever going to maintain our health when we're slabbing a bunch of chemicals all over our skin? 

 Clear Recovery Foam Wash: This foamy wash I use in the mornings and evenings cools and tones skin, reducing inflammation and age spots. It is infused with Willow Bark, Soap Berry, Organic Lavender Flower, and Radish Root. The wash has a nice, fresh scent and leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean.

Fresh Relief Face Serum: This moisturizer nourishes sun-damaged skin and boosts it's natural defense system to fight toxic pollutants, and stimulates collagen production and cell renewal. I dab a small amount on my face and neck and then rub in evenly, so the serum can start it's job.

Calm Glow Eye Gel: This is a lightweight oil free gel that keeps the moisture in and pollutants out. It acts as a barrier to reduce redness and inflammation while shielding skin from damaging irritants. I love that I can feel my skin tighten and cool after applying a small amount in the evenings before bed. 

See how you can win $25 worth of Beauty Bridge credit here, on my Instagram. Do you have any healthy skincare products you'd like to share? 

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