weekend moments

I had a really hard time saying good bye to this past weekend. Andy and I intentionally chose not to work and take time out with family and friends, managing to get in loads of fresh air, sunshine, good food, and rest all before Sunday evening rolled around. 

 • We started the weekend earlier than usual. Friday morning me, Andy, and his parents drove down to Laguna Beach for some time away from LA. There, we swam and lounged in the sun before falling in love with a coastal home shop called Tuvalu

  Saturday we all headed over to Culver City for some home window shopping. We started at HD Buttercup before making our way over to a modern rustic lighting store called Rejuvenation. Later, my sister and brother in-law stopped by for some good wine, conversation, and a dip in the hot tub. I love spending time by our building's spa area. 

  Sunday morning I stopped by Abbot Kinney to grab fresh coffee from GTA. Their partly hidden pathway for sitting and sipping was the perfect get-away to clear my mind.

 • Later, for lunch Andy and I cooked with Blue Apron. Fresh ingredients and hardly any preparation! Afterwards, I took some much needed time to rest in bed with a book before some friends paid a visit. 

Do you have any highlights from the weekend? 

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! My weekends aren't as eventful as yours, maybe I should move to LA. Love the way you harmonize Fashion with Home Goods. Keep Blogging!!!