moody monday

Bigger homes don't necessarily make us feel better. When looking to rent or buy a place, I think most people mistakenly give much more credit to square footage than they do the layout of the space. This is something I've picked up on after watching countless episodes of House Hunters

I've always felt design mattered most. But until moving into our little loft, I had no idea that much of the stuff I owned in the past was often more of a burden, and sub-consciously created more anxiety than joy. Because I had a larger apartment, I somehow acquired way more than I needed; and over time, I convinced myself they all had some sort of personal meaning. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a big home or having lots of things, but I do feel that the design of a home and all that's inside it should have a clear purpose. This is almost always overlooked.  

This realization combined with learning more about the "little house movement" stirred me to create some mood board inspiration for small space living. Maybe this 140 square foot home is a bit extreme for most, but its simple and efficient design gives cause for serious reflection.

All photos gathered from Sol Haus Design

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