little things i love

Since becoming a freelancer I've been spending more time at home; and although I'm still working long hours, I've been able to create a healthier life and work balance. For one, I'm an introvert so hours of working alone energizes me. There's also an endless supply of coffee in the mornings, and being home at lunch-time has sparked my current obsession with sea salt! I think it's so pretty and delicious, and I know I shouldn't but I've been sprinkling it on everything lately. Working from home has also inspired a makeup cleanse. I do wear a little blush and mascara on the days that I'm with clients, but otherwise I solely apply moisturizers. And it's nice to have more freedom. If I feel like visiting the ocean to say "Hello" after having an afternoon meeting close-by, I will. 

I've also been noticing more combinations of textures and colors around our space that I love. I'm a huge believer in appreciating the simple things in life, and finding purpose and meaning in everything you own. The forest green color in both my one-piece bathing suit and my house plant has been catching my attention lately. And who doesn't love a pile of freshly cleaned linens? 

all photos by Andrew Peters

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Jessica Steele said...

Love that shade of green! And your new home routine sounds dreamy. xx

Adeline said...

I am obsessed with that suit! Lovely!

D├ęborah said...

Love your swimsuit! Where dit it come? xoxo