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It's hard to admit that two-thirds of the summer has already passed. To take advantage of the remaining heat, I plan on filling August with many more beach days, night-time neighborhood walks, outdoor reading, and iced coffee. Because I'm a major planner, I tend to struggle with staying focused in the moment, and often times the season! So naturally my original idea for today's post was to carefully curate a board of lovely items to consider having for the Fall. I'll hold off on that for now; instead, I'll share a collection of home and beauty items that will help you and your living space stay fresh through the rest of the hot weather season. Keep in mind, these will all easily transition into the cooler months ahead, ha! 

• Handwoven Ilocos Textile, Alo

• Binchotan Charcoal Facial Cleansing Mask

• Marble Handle Serving Board

 Rodin Lip Balm

• Rodin Body Oil

• Hanging Fern String Garden Trio

• Hemp String Bag

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Anonymous said...

We live on the East Coast, Iwill treasure every summer day left! Love your Home and Beauty picks, where can I find the bag holding lemons? Your an inspiration, Thanks!