east coast vacation

I meant to post while we were away, but our trip to the East Coast was a complete whirlwind! Most of our time was spent in Sea Isle City, New Jersey––an adorable little beach town filled with a mix of massive new homes and the old quaint ones; small town shops and young families. It was so refreshing to get out of the city for some fresh salty air, read on the beach, and be surrounded by friendly strangers who always smile and wave. Sea Isle is definitely a nostalgic place for me. It holds some of my very first memories at the sea and the comforts of extended family. It has the feeling of home.

Most mornings I took walks to the local bakery for coffee and enjoyed looking at all the beautiful beach homes. The afternoons were spent under the sun––reading, chatting, and taking dips in the warm Atlantic water. Evenings were filled with home-cooked dinners, late night conversations, and mini dance parties. And side note: I'm completely obsessed with outdoor showers too, so that's always a standard highlight of these trips. I wish our vacation lasted longer but when we landed back in Los Angeles, I can safely say it felt like home for the first time. 

all photos taken by Andrew Peters

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