sunday meals: spicy basil lemon chicken with caprese salad on crostini

I'm excited to present the first dish from a new series called Sunday Meals that I'll be working on with my friend Claire from Pretty Words. I admit, I rarely have an interest in cooking; but after flipping through the pages of The Kinfolk Table, I knew this was something I had to change. I'm tired of eating the same things over and over. Plus, it gives me all the more reason to put those pretty kitchenwares to use! 

Claire and I went with a simple dinner-time meal: Spicy Basil Lemon Chicken with Caprese Salad on Crostini. The recipe was so easy to manage. Using a cast iron pan and skillet, which you can find here, made the process extra smooth as we were able to transition the chicken and bread slices from stove top to oven. Cooking with a friend definitely made it more enjoyable; and honestly, I felt really proud of what we created. There were zero leftovers. In time, I'll be able to whip up healthy and pretty meals together from memory, and you can join in on the journey. 

all photos by Andrew Peters

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