silverlake house: wooden beams

A big reason Andy and I were instantly attracted to our loft was the two wooden beams in the bedroom area. I have long admired interiors with this exposed feature, mostly for the charming character and warmth they add to a space. So when recently introduced to Silverlake furniture maker Paul Moorhead, I was intrigued to hear about one of his latest projects––using reclaimed wood for his living room ceiling beams! When asking Paul about the process of creating the look, he said, "It's simple, yet difficult. Facing beams with reclaimed wood isn't rocket science, but a lot of work is required to do it right. There are challenges like dealing with uneven ceilings and other variances in surface dimensions. For this home, every edge of every piece was cut to lay perfectly against the other surfaces––it's easier to simply add them as they are but I like nice tight seams." I love the placement of these particular beams and the color variations within in the wood. If you're interested in handmade furniture using reclaimed wood or piping, you can contact Paul via his instagram

all photos by David Papazianinstagram

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