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Andy and I have promised each other to sit down one of these Saturdays and re-organize every single drawer and cabinet––really any storage space we have. I started this grueling spring project with our bedroom closet. Our closet is large in height so it works wonders for storing in a small space, but it's actually a little too easy for items to pile high. Over time I've created a huge, hidden mess! During the organization process, I made a stack of clothes that I've been wanting to get rid of for a long time now. I usually just give my old clothes away, but a friend of mine recommended I send some to Thred Up. Thred Up accepts clothing they find fitting for their site, and re-sells them for a portion of the profit. Items they don't accept can be donated or mailed back to you. No matter what you choose to do with your extras, a closet cleanse never disappoints. It's so freeing and you're left with a much happier, tidier home. 

A little closet cleaning advice...

• First, take everything out and create piles for throwing away, giving away, and keeping.
• Really consider how often you wear each piece and don't be afraid to let things go. 
• Create separate drawers for denim, wovens, sweaters, and loungewear. 
• Hang all dresses and quick to wrinkle clothing. 
• Keep a small box inside your top drawer for safety pins, a thread and needle, and extra buttons. 
• If you aren't interested in sending your clothes to a company like Thred Up, consider throwing a closet party. Invite friends over to sell or give-away your extra clothes and accessories.  

photo by Andrew Peters

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