living room corner

Here's your first peek into my living room! For some unknown reason, this little corner of the loft has been the hardest for me to conquer. I don't believe that a space ever feels completely finished, but I'm really happy with the progress I've made here. The rug is actually a heavy duty blanket from Will Leather Goods and I absolutely love it, but I do have my heart set on someday scoring a much larger, softly colored vintage rug. Any suggestions on where to find one? We spent some time saving for our console table from West Elm and it was seriously well worth the wait. We no longer have to rest our television on our kitchen table! And we finally got around to hanging up one of Andy's Christmas presents, a gold Jerusalem map from Art Unified. I think it suits the space real nicely. The spring sunlight that floods this side of the loft doesn't hurt either.

photos taken by Elizabeth Kitchens and Andrew Peters

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