There's a difference between a company liked and a company remembered. I was very excited to be gifted a pillow from Bunglo, a free-spirited design company founded by Shay Spaniola; based out of Austin,Texas. Shay's travels around the world are what influence her to create hand painted fabrics used in pillows, furniture, and wall art. I was really captivated by Bunglo's Fall/ Winter '15 lookbook, which shares the photograph inspiration behind each item shown. It was really refreshing and encouraging to see such originality shine through home goods. Each gorgeous design really stuck with me! For a better understanding of Bunglo's creative process and where they're headed next, I asked Shay some questions below. 

all photos taken by Andrew Peters

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Tell us a little bit about yourself! Did you always have an entrepreneurial spirit? Growing up my parents had all sorts of businesses. I was involved as a young child; helping with everything from graphic design and stamping envelopes to organizing events and learning about cash flow. It was only natural for me to turn my own passions into businesses. In third grade I started a small jewelry business and sold paintings regularly in high school. During college, I started a photography business and quickly learned how much I enjoyed working for myself. After working at Anthropologie, I grew to love product design, and started Bunglo while traveling in India. It was one idea that I couldn't let go of––all I could think about was patterns on everything! When I returned home, I made samples and haven't looked back since! I so enjoy all parts of what I do right now, the whole process is exciting.

What led you to start Bunglo in Austin? How has it evolved? Austin is truly the best! I first moved here for a summer internship when I was nineteen; and fell in love with the weather, people, outdoor activities. I've been here on and off for the past six years, and find it to be the most inspiring place for artists. I've found great business support with a booming startup community. Most of my friends are in a creative industry, and find Austin a place to connect and share ideas. I think it's a big part of Bunglo's success.

Something I really love about your prints is that they're not trend driven. You're not afraid to be completely original! Can you tell us about your process, and how you find your inspiration? I grew up in a mid-century style home, and I find a lot of my designs stem from a mod aesthetic. Traveling has heavily influenced my color palette; from completely blue cities in Morocco to orange sunrises in Thailand, I like to think of Bunglo patterns as stories––eclectic and meditative. 

I love how the soft colors in my pillow compliment each other. How do you choose color combinations for each print? I like to play with contrasting colors––mixing pastels with saturated pops. I only put patterns I would use in my own home into production!

It seems like Bunglo is steadily growing and has received great responses from major retailers like One King's Lane––every startups dream! What's next for Bunglo? Thank you! We are doing so well. We've been opening new wholesale accounts on a daily basis, and enjoying our expansion. We were just featured in the Grammy gift bags, and receiving great feedback! We just got a new office and warehouse, added a few talented minds to our team, and looking forward to launching our duvet collection this Spring!

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