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Meet Jamie Krywicki Wilson. Jamie is an Interior Designer based in Atlanta, Georgia with a focus on multi-family and hospitality projects. I discovered Jamie's talent through her Instagram, and was instantly attracted to her design perspective. If you visit her site you'll find a gorgeous mix of interior inspiration, tips for a more stylish home, and bits of her personal life. I asked Jamie some questions on her personal style and career below.

all photos courtesy of Jamie Krywicki Wilson

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When did you know you wanted to design, and what inspired you to be an interior designer? My mom is a designer, so I grew up around the business. I knew in high school that I wanted to do something with design. I focused a lot of my senior year taking studio art classes and was influence heavily by my art teacher. She was the one to actually push me in the interior design direction once I got to college. Oddly enough I went to Auburn originally for business, but quickly learned I made the wrong decision (the first day). I changed my major almost immediately to interior design because it was both technical and creative. I still got a minor in business and use those skills every day.

Describe your personal style. I think every space should be a collection of ourselves. They should be able to tell a story to all those who walk into the space, be inviting and comfortable. I love white rooms, bringing pops of color in through accessories, art work, and furniture. I’m a sucker for anything mid-century modern, art work, and books. I think every room can't be without a touch of black or have too much white. I love mixing eclectic styles and combing old with new.

What's your favorite part and the most challenging part about interior design? My favorite part of interior design is seeing my vision become a reality. There is nothing more satisfying than walking the site and seeing everything come to life just like you imagined it and having a client who is on cloud nine because of you. The most challenging part of interior design for me is having a client whose style or vision doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with your own. As a designer, we have to remember that we’re not designing for ourselves, we’re designing for the client. 

What are some of your favorite home goods shops? I’m always looking to Schoolhouse Electric, West Elm, BluDot, Design Within Reach,  Dwell Studio and antique shows/flee markets.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to reinvent a space within their home? My advice is to make sure if reflects who you are. The adventures you’ve taken, the experiences you’ve had, and the things you love. Invest in those statement pieces you’ll have for a long time (sofas or lounge chairs) and save on accessories that you might want to change faster (lamps, accessories, pillows).  

When you're not working you're... Traveling a lot, spending time with my husband and two dogs, and more recently training for a half marathon. 

Three things in your bag you can't live without? Moleskin Notebook, Cell Phone, Lipstick

Favorite place you've ever visited? Switzerland

What's the best part about living in Atlanta? The awesome creative community!



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