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Michaele Simmering, mother of two and furniture designer and co-founder of Kalon Studios, was recently featured on one of my absolute go-to sites Mother. I often visit Mother when I'm in need of the latest beauty, food, or travel tips; and to check out home tours like Michaele's. The designer's sunny Los Angeles home is styled so beautifully with a minimal and earthy approach–see the full tour here. The home even more appealing because it is entirely furnished with Kalon pieces.  

When asked her philosophy behind decorating, Michaele answered, "Love it and really need it before buying. Good design should wear in and not out, meaning beauty and personal value should increase with age and use. I have real heartache over the massive amount of cheap furnishings that are bought, that aren’t intended to last more than a year or two." 

I absolutely agree with Michaele, and I want to be more thoughtful before buying anything for my home so as to make sure it has a long lasting purpose for many years to come. Kalon Studios also shares this approach–creating furniture from raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and food safe. Visit their site or stop in at one of their shops to see the beauty they've created. 

I think we can all learn a little something from Michaele's home styling approach, and get inspired by her design ethics! 

home tour photos taken by Katrina Dickson / all photos gathered from Mother & Kalon Studios

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