venice beach canals

Something I can't seem to get enough of is walking the Venice Beach canals. Luckily for me, the canals are super close-by to my favorite Thai restaurant, and the combination of the two make for the perfect date. Each time I visit the canals, I quickly make discoveries about it's surrounding homes I hadn't noticed before. Something especially unique is it's pretty mix of modern architecture and restored cottages dating all the way back to the nineteen thirties. The small, quaint canal community makes me feel like I'm no longer in a big city, which I have to say feels pretty good at times. I always try to pick my favorite home but they're far too adorable to choose just one! Here are some homes that I had an especially hard time taking my eyes off of. 

all photos taken by Andrew Peters

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Anonymous said...

Photos are amazing. I wish I lived in one of those homes!