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It's a real treat when I get to chat with someone else who shares the same genuine passion for interiors and home goods. Savannah Roberts of Grace-Made is an Interior Designer based out of San Francisco. I asked if she'd let us step inside her apartment for an introduction to her style and for some home inspiration. On her blog she shares personal renovation projects, mood boards, inspiring interiors, and home products--each contributing to her admiring aesthetic. Savannah describes her blog as "a curated catch-all space and an outlet to place thoughts and inspiration surrounding design and splendid-living." It's hard to say what my favorite spot in Savannah's home is, but I do know that I'm obsessed with her assorted pillow collection on the bed. And that fireplace? Yes please! See more of her San Francisco, designer lifestyle on her instagram and find out where she shops below. What inspires you the most about Savannah's home?

all photos courtesy of Grace-Made

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What is your personal and home aesthetic? When it comes to interiors, I usually call myself an "Eclectic Modernist." My home is filled with vintage finds that I have refurbished and made my own. I also like high-contrast and minimal design statements.

What is your favorite feature or spot in your home? I spend a lot of time working at the table in my bedroom. I love this spot for the mid-century dining chairs. I got the whole set of 4 for $40 at a thrift store – and boy, they looked ugly! I took each chair apart, refinished the curved solid wood backs, and reupholstered the seats in a colorful cut velvet textile. I'll never part with them!

Where have some of your favorite home goods come from? Etsy or flea markets & thrift stores. I got all of my Kilim pillows on Etsy, and most of my furniture is vintage.

What neighborhood do you live in? The Haight. It's my favorite neighborhood that I've lived in, so far. Keeps me guessing.

What inspired you to become interested in interiors and start blogging? I stumbled into interior design, during high school, when I landed a part-time internship with an interior designer. Before that, I thought that I wanted to become a graphic designer. I spent everyday after school, for two years, working with architects and interior designers. By the time I went to college at 18, I knew that I wanted to study interior design! I blog because I need an outlet for thoughts and inspiration. Blogging has also led to incredible connections with other designers & some pretty incredible folks!

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stephanie said...

I second the "Yes please" on her fireplace!