wintery table setting

Lately, I've been wanting to be more intentional with creating pretty table settings for guests, even if our time together is limited. The creative process not only energizes me but sweetly hints to my guests that I am excited they're visiting. My cousin stopped by our place recently for a quick brunch, which inspired this very simple wintery table setting. Good conversation, chilly weather and festive home goods all make for a morning to remember. 

I mostly used all-white pieces, each textured differently, to create a clean wintertime aesthetic. Every single item pulled on my heartstrings, but for me, the napkins sparked the most Christmas spirit. The hand screen printed napkins by The Coin Laundry luckily aren't limited to holiday designs. Check out their online shop for a variety of styles that can enhance your gatherings like they did mine. 

all photos taken by Andrew Peters

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Allison Jones said...

Thanks for setting up a beautiful brunch for me! It was a perfect LA winter brunch. The place setting was gorgeous but the conversation was even better!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog and LOVE printed napkins!! Wish The Coin Laundry would do a giveaway for those ; )