holiday cocktails

In preparation for Andrew's and my first annual Christmas party, I wanted to test a few cocktails that were not only delicious but easy to make and, of course, pretty! I've seen plenty of fancy ice-cube pictures on pinterest, and I knew this was the perfect occasion for setting aside the time to try making some myself. For the champagne, I froze fresh mint leaves with raspberries, as well as, rosemary with cranberries all in this large ice cube tray. These lovely combinations add an extra bit of taste, and some bright pops of festive red and green. For the gin and grapefruit cocktail, I added a slice of cucumber with the rosemary for a nice contrast in color and refreshing scent. To mix the gin recipe, I used this adorable Mason Shaker, (a big hit for parties) inspired by the iconic mason jar, which I used for the party-friendly champagne glasses. If your holiday schedule is packed and you don't have much time for creative details, I think this is one worth trying; and it will go a long way. Do you have a favorite? 

Mason Shaker provided courtesy of The Mason Shaker

all photos taken by Andrew Peters

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