art unified: a creative workspace

Art Unified is shaking up the art industry by connecting everyday hangout spots and businesses such as Intelligentsia and West Elm with artists whose pieces would not otherwise have been seen outside of an exclusive art event. Their modern loft-style office nestled in the heart of Venice Beach is the epicenter for the creative thinking that bridges the gap between artists and collectors. The bright, open space is perfect for creative minds to work. My favorite aspect of the interior is its palette--overall neutral with hints of jewel tones. Complimenting its color are the many large windows, which allow for the perfect amount of natural sunlight to enter. I also love the collection of modern and vintage pieces like the velvet couch and hand embroidered pillowcases; and, of course, I love all the amazing art on the walls. My favorite piece mounted in the space is Haitian Girl by Art Unified co-founder and painter, Johan Andersson. The painting is a part of his Brand For Life collection, which challenges consumerism and commercialism. The intent is to remind the viewer about what’s more important—the little girl or the Gucci bag? You can purchase Haitian Girl as a print (see my bedroom) on the company’s website.

“Art Unified was created to narrow the gap between art creators and art lovers, providing talented artists different opportunities to reach new audiences. Art Unified is built on the belief that art should be seen by everyone all over the world, encouraging new emerging collectors to come forward, while giving greater visibility to artists who deserve a higher traffic platform to exhibit. No VIP-only events or exclusivity, instead embracing incredible art in everyday amazing spaces, giving art back to the people and revolutionizing what it means to exhibit.”

Art Unified will be at Scope, Miami Beach, next week to sell art work and to spread the word about what they're doing here in Venice Beach.  

all photos taken by Elizabeth Kitchens

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