desert to quitokeeto

This past weekend I went to a friend's wedding out in Joshua Tree. The venue was on top of a hill, and we had great views of the surrounding desert and mountains--a very pretty mix of blush and dusty earth tones. Since this color cleansing palette has been remaining in the fashion industry spotlight, I wanted to find home goods that share the same subtle beauty. Meet the shop, Quitokeeto

What started out as a pop-up shop is now steadily selling an array of new, vintage, and collaborative unique home items, mostly being kitchen-ware. Quitokeeto pronounced kee-toh was named after one of the store owner's old neighborhood road, located in Northern California. "The southern stretch of it wound through tunnels of trees, over a bridge, and houses mostly obscured by the foliage." 

The described setting did a perfect job inspiring the development of such a beautiful and natural looking collection of home items. Since Quitokeeto never ceases to pour out new products, it's all the more reason to regularly stop by their online shop.

top photo is taken by Andrew Peters & all others gathered from Quitokeeto

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