Last weekend Andy and I took an impromptu trip up to Malibu, which we only do a few times each summer. I'm not sure what it is about Malibu beaches but their little stretch of ocean always seems much more peaceful and beautiful than any other I've been to. 

We normally land at El Matador or Zuma Beach and then head over to Neptune's Net for dinner and drinks. This time went up to Point Dume for a little bit of early evening adventure. In those moments of walking the sandy trail everything just seemed perfect. There was so much blue all around us that we had to stop a few times and stare, utterly amazed by our incredible view. It's in these moments that I find myself feeling surrounded by love and having much more clarity, inspired by such insane beauty. When we finally arrived at the ocean water we just sat on the rocks and rested for a bit.

At this time, Andy and I got a bit hungry so we shared a couple FlyJoy bars. I was introduced to Fly Joy last year and they've really made our lives a lot easier and healthier. 
I feel good knowing they're made with the highest quality ingredients and are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. I seriously pack them in my bag to re-fuel me wherever I go, but they work really great for mini beach adventures like these or for right after a workout. With too many chemical-ridden, unhealthy options out there, Andy and I feel safe eating Fly Joy all the time. Learn more about Fly Joy's ingredients and philosophy, and check out other reasons I love them so much here, here, and here

This post is in partnership with Fly Joy, a brand I support and love.


A few weeks ago I helped style a dinner event for an art company called Art Unified in Venice Beach. It was a really sweet way to begin saying my goodbyes to precious summertime in LA. I kept the tablescape really simple by using palms for placemats, and added pink orchids here and there for a bright pop (with the help of my mom who was visiting). Our chef Christian Navarro prepared five light, colorful courses which we slowly ate with our perfectly paired cocktails. It felt refreshing to feel continuously surprised by all sorts of new flavors and textures. It was also nice to be seated near such a unique mix of professionals and personalities, all making the conversation feel alive and inspirational. One being my mama! Everything about it was well thought out and designed yet simple. It left me feeling really excited and inspired to finally sort out our outdoor patio so that we can entertain and be hospitable toward the people we know and love here in Los Angeles. 


It feels amazing to finally be settled in our new home. We're still styling a few things here and there, and the search goes on for patio furniture but otherwise our new place is pretty much complete. Having come from a large studio, it's funny how separate rooms and multiple doorways are new for us but we are really liking the difference it makes. Due to the layout of our new space we sold some of our larger furniture, but we were able to keep some of our favorite and most useful pieces like the media console and large shelving unit that stores items between the living room and kitchen. 

I wanted to keep our new space very minimal in color, and feeling light and breezy throughout. It felt great to throw and give away a ton during the move so when organizing and setting up the new place I wanted it to feel very simple and clutter free. 

Needless to say we are excited to build a new rhythm and create more memories here in our third year of marriage––I'll be sure to share more bits and pieces of our new space in the coming months ahead.